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It’s alive!

Well I haven’t killed aimeegirl yet. Though my dreams of making it my all in one blog are now in the shakes. Is it good to have your work and personal stuff in one domain? Not so sure yet. Which is why Im test posting on this one again.

thinking about killing aimeegurl

.com that is.. Sigh.. I haven’t been blogging in a long while and if anything, it’s mostly been technical stuff that I’ve been blogging about. And twitter aggregations :S
to be contemplated upon….


ah.. the time has come.. to move.. again.. :) you may now find me at

will this be the last move? probably not. but hopefully, not for a long time. :) I will probably still post here once in a while for the heck of it.

She was alive once

with so much to dream of, she was always looking forward to the day as it broke. Where is she now? I lost track of her a while back. I used to be able to talk to her and be on top of every single thing that went on with her life. She used to tell me all about her dreams, and all about her aspirations. But for quite some time she’s been silent. She no longer talks to me about what she wants to do in life. She rarely tells me of her happy moments anymore. I rarely get to see her, maybe that is why she doesn’t talk much to me anymore. When I do get the time, she just sits there, almost like she expects me to read her mind. I can’t talk to her, maybe she feels that i can’t relate? I don’t know what the problem is, but i wish things could go back to being the way they used to.

I was evil today

Or maybe it was the extremely bad mood brought  about by “that time of the month”. I was on the train with a billion other people on the way home and this lady with a pony tail was standing in front of me. The train was packed so everyone was just squeezed together with each other. Now for some reason, she kept snapping her head left and right, making her hair flip straight to my face. When she did it the fourth time, i held up the hand that was holding my wallet to protect my face—and used my fingers to grab hold of a few strands of her hair. Then she flipped her head again, and i felt the tug on her head. She turned to me and of course i acted like nothing happened.that’s when she stopped flipping her head. what a —–!

the trip home…

I realized I hadn’t been able to blog about my recent trip back home for one of my best friends’ wedding. It was a trip over the weekend as i had tonnes to do (which probably explains why i wasn’t able to blog about it) so i took the trip home with the channel 9 guy as my escort.



Yes, I cried when she walked down the aisle. I was very happy for her and excited about her and her new chapter in life. I wish I was able to spend more time with them during the preparation period though. I guess that’s the down part about working so far away from home. There is so much you end up missing. But i was happy that i was at least there for the celebration. Even if it was just for the weekend, I made sure that I was there for the 1st wedding among our barkada. I still can’t believe that one of us is already married, although we did expect that Karen would be the first among us. That was a very happy day for me.

       IMG_9032      DSC06072    


They got married on my birthday. I still remember about a year ago when my Karen sent me a message on Friendster asking me whether I could come home on my birthday. I knew that instant what that meant. And when the day finally came, it was indeed a very happy birthday for me. Happy because i got to spend time with my friends and family, happy because i was part of that important moment in their lives, and happy knowing that their marriage will be a great one.

Also happy that I got to wear a very cute dress :)


Of course the next day, I got to spend mothers day with my family, who I’m glad are doing well.

      DSC06177    DSC06185

It was definitely the greatest weekend I’ve had in a very long while.


oh, and i almost forgot. of course i got to eat balut again– this time, even i admit it was a bit freaky. Because i don’t want to scare you off from reading my blog, only those who are really interested (and who have passed the test of the previous post, should click on the image for a larger view. I’m serious. dead serious. dead duck serious…


And, no, i didn’t finish him off..

5 Stations Conquered!

Singapore is quite a small country. A bit more than a year ago, I had realized how easy it was to walk form one station to another (for some stations around the CBD) and thought about how i probably wouldn’t be able to do the same in Manila. Whenever I was around bugis, I’d usually take a walk down to City Hall, or once there Dhoby Ghaut, when I went to the Mall, for exercise and boredom relief, and time killing. Walking usually saved me 1 or 2 train stops. Recently, I’ve picked up walking again. Something to do when I needed to clear my head of the stress I am feeling. At first, the same routes, Bugis to City Hall, or City Hall to Bugis, or Bugis to City Hall to Dhoby Ghaut, or Dhoby Ghaut to bugis. Earlier this year I had already walked Orchard to Dhoby Ghaut Several times. Last week I had walked from Lavender to City Hall.

I was watching a movie at Orchard, and I had time and a lot of stress to kill, so i decided to try and take a walk home. I told myself, if I get tired (or lost) along the way, I could always take a cab.

I actually made it home! I plotted my walk and according to live maps, I walked a total of 2.75 miles, in a bit over an hour, including 2 mall stop overs. Non-stop walking but more going around the floors looking for something to buy, and thankfully failing, partly because it was already closing time. Walking is good exercise.

I just saved myself 5 stations from Orchard -> Somerset -> Dhoby Ghaut -> City Hall -> Bugis -> Lavender. ^_^


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